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Welcome to Lillian's Lens Photography, delve into a world where emotions, stories, and beauty intertwine in captivating visual narratives. Join us on a journey to capture life's most precious moments frozen in time through the unique perspective of Lillian's Lens. 

The Story of Lillian's Lens Photography

At Lillian's Lens Photography, we're passionate about freezing moments in time, capturing the essence of emotions, and weaving stories through the art of photography. My journey behind the lens began with a fascination for how a simple click could immortalize the beauty of fleeting moments. Over the years, I've honed my craft, seeking to not just take pictures but to craft visual tales that resonate with authenticity and depth. Each click of the shutter is an opportunity to encapsulate the raw emotions, genuine connections, and vibrant details that define life's most precious moments. My approach to photography extends beyond just technical expertise; it's about building genuine connections with my clients, understanding their stories, and translating those narratives into breath-taking visual art. Whether it's the intimacy of a wedding, the joy of a family gathering, or the beauty of a newborns tiny fingers and toes, I aim to create timeless images that evoke emotions and stand as cherished memories for years to come. 


Now, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Danielle and I am the lady in the photograph. I am a photographer based in Exmouth in Devon. I have felt incredibly blessed over the last 4 years to wake up every day and do something I love. The name Lillian's Lens is in memory of my grandmother, the world through her eyes. I believe that it is important to have a personal approach when working with my clients to achieve the best results. I enjoy getting to know each family and their story to feel the emotion on a personal level. I adore capturing those natural moments and therefore I believe in having a relaxed approach to my sessions. Being a mother of 4 myself I understand the importance of creating a relaxed and fun environment for children to really show their bubbly and beautiful personalities that you know and love. With a small amount of direction, we can capture the most beautiful moments in time for you to treasure for the rest of your life. Life goes by so quickly, I know myself as a mother how quickly those precious moments just disappear from right in front of you and how you so desperately grasp to them. That is why I have such a passion for photography. I originally studied to be a children's nurse and therefore believe I have lots of experience with children to allow you to feel at ease and have trust in me with your little bundles of joy! But once I had my own children and I watched the moments disappear so quickly, as I tried to capture every second to look back on, I began to develop an even bigger passion for photography and I was so desperate to capture these moments for everyone else, whilst being able to work around and spend even more time with my own babies. I never realised how far my dream could go in such a short time, and I only have YOU to thank. So thank you for making all my dreams come true. 

My aim is to not only capture a moment how it looks, but also how it FEELS. Emotion that is genuine to you. 


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